[Updated] Get Set: Jet Blue’s Launching “A December to Adventure”

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I don’t know why, but I always check JetBlue’s website in the morning (?), and I was pleasantly surprised when I saw they were launching great offers starting today at 1PM EST through December 16.

Over the next few days, you will be able to choose and book a flight at discounted rates, but we still don’t know what exactly is in store. All the airline mentioned was “hot deals & cool destinations”.

But, just take a look at how they designed the landing page:

JetBlue: A December to Adventure

JetBlue: A December to Adventure

It just makes you want to jump in that snowball! I love holidays and JavaScript so much. JetBlue surely knows a thing or two about marketing. 

So, each offer will be available for one day only - until midnight (by 11:59PM EST), and each day, there will be a new offer. Restrictions will apply, for sure, but nothing’s been mentioned yet, so I will update this post as soon as I find out.

For now, keep an eye on the website – you don’t want to miss JetBlue’s deals. I will be adding new offers here daily as well.

Day 1: $20 off one-way. domestic flights. Book today here.

Day 2: Caribbean, Bermuda, Mexico: Blue fares from $30 one-way. Or, get 25% off basic airfare when you book a JetBlue Vacations package. Save on your flight with JetBlue.

Day 3: Cuba from $54 one-way.

Day 4: Florida, Vegas & California from $20 one-way.

Day 5: Up to 30% off on 12 Air & Hotel packages.

Day 6: Dominican Republic or Puerto Rico from $20 one-way!

Day 7: 50% off Lyft car rental - only for new customers.

Day 8:  Fares from $50 one-way to select international destinations from the U.S.

Day 9: 4x TrueBlue bonus points when you purchase your ticket on this day, and complete your flight before February 28, 2017.

Day 10: 75% bonus when you purchase or gift TrueBlue points.

Day 11:  $25 one-way tickets to NY & Boston (not from).

Day 12: Up to 50% off Winter Escape package deals through February.