BBVA Compass ClearSpend Prepaid Visa Card

BBVA Compass ClearSpend Prepaid Visa® Card
Purchases Intro APR:
Balance Transfers:
Regular APR:
Annual Fee:
No annual fee
Credit Needed:
No credit check
$0 Fraud Liability: 

Only Takes 2 Minutes

Instant & Secure Online Approval Process

Get $25 credit when you load $100 to your new BBVA Compass ClearSpend Card.

  •  No monthly or annual fees.
  • No Monthly Service Charge as long as $400 or more is loaded during each calendar month, otherwise a $4 Monthly Service Charge will be assessed
  •  No reload fees: a one-time fee of $4 applies for the first card load: Direct Deposit, Cash, BBVA Compass Debit Card, Visa ReadyLink.
  • No purchase transaction fees.
  •  No overdraft fees.
  • No credit check to apply.
  •  No fees when using BBVA Compass ATMs.
  • No cash advance fees.
  •  Set up mobile alerts online or in the App (iOS/Android).
  • With ClearSpend, two people can manage one budget, just request an additional card.
  •  Load money instantly through the App or in person.
  • Visa Fraud Protection.

Available for IOS or Android Devices. Order a prepaid card online or directly from the app, or step into one of our branches and receive your card immediately upon approval. Load from a BBVA Compass debit card or set up direct deposit. Cards can be loaded with cash at any Visa ReadyLink location or BBVA Compass branch. Money can also be transferred to your ClearSpend card using PayPal®, Venmo®, Popmoney® or other transfer services. Use your ClearSpend Prepaid Visa® debit card for all your day-to-day, on-line, and household spending. After 30 days, the ClearSpend app will automatically suggest a budget.

Budgeting for two
With ClearSpend, two people can manage one budget while maintaining a snapshot of who spent what.

Secondary cards are great for:
Sharing a household budget with a spouse or roommate
Setting up your child with a secondary card and teaching them to budget (limit one secondary card per account)
Since both cards are tied to the same budget, each cardholder has the ability to load funds to ClearSpend that can be used for purchases by either cardholder. Secondary cardholders will have to verify their e-mail addresses and activate their card before using. Each cardholder will receive spending alerts each time a purchase is made by either cardholder.

How do I request an additional card?
You can add a secondary card holder during application or any time at Login to your account and select "Add a Second Card" from the main menu to get started. The second card will be sent to the address you use during the application.

Load money to ClearSpend
Link your BBVA Compass debit card in the App or fund your card in person with cash at any BBVA Compass branch or Visa ReadyLink location.

Direct Deposit
You can Direct Deposit all or part of your pay check to your card, add cash to your card at any BBVACompass branch location or participating Visa ReadyLink® retail merchant location.

Transfer money to ClearSpend
Login to an existing bank account and transfer money to your ClearSpend account using services such as Popmoney®, PayPal® or Venmo®. You'll need your ClearSpend account number and routing number which are available in the App under "My Account". Funds will be available in 2-3 business days. 

You can use your BBVA Compass ClearSpend card to get cash at any ATM where Visa is accepted or can do a cash advance at any bank where Visa is accepted. You can also visit any BBVA Compass branch location to obtain cash from your account balance.

BBVA Compass ClearSpend card can receive direct deposits from your employer or from another financial institution. The maximum limit is $6,500

BBVA Compass ClearSpend card is protected from fraud through Visa’s Zero Liability coverage. You will have no liability for unauthorized use of the card as long as fraudulent transactions are reported within the necessary timeframes. Disputes are handled by Visa. Customers may call 1-877-659-9230 to dispute charges. There may be a delay in obtaining provisional credit based on the situation.

The customer service number for questions about the BBVA Compass ClearSpend card is 1-866-236-7967. There is no charge for customer service. Please note that if you have questions regarding the ClearSpend Mobile App that you will be transferred to the Technical Support Team for help.